The Prophetic and Teaching Ministry of Corinne Silverman

Corinne Silverman is considered by many to be a prophetic "Mom" in the faith.  She and her husband, Larry, have traveled the nation, living full time in a 37 foot motor home.  Their heart is for Kingdom advancement and Corinne's solid, proven, prophetic, teaching voice works powerfully in this area.  Corinne has been given a great revelation on the Father's heart.  She often shares her personal expereicnes of an abuse filled childhood, that many, both men and women, in the Body of Christ can relate to.  Much of her healing came as revelation of her being God's Favorite Daughter was released to her.  She loves to share this revelation with her Sisters within the Church. Her revelations of New Covenant Grace is being used to set many totally free form the bondage of fear, shame and condemnation.

Corinne ministers and prays for people, often giving them everything she has!  As a result many tears flow in her meetings as great healing often takes place, both physical and emotional.  She has a great revelation of the Word of God and is able to apply it's applications through a strong anoiting from the Holy Spirit.  Larry often says of Corinne, "She walks closer to God than anyone I know!"

The Silvermans are the Senior Ministry Leaders of New Covenant Grace Fellowship in Citrus County, FL.  Theyhave 5 children and 17 grand children.  For many years, prior to their days on the road, they planted new churches and were the pastors of existing churches so they are very much aware of the issues that pastors and church leaders deal with daily.

Feel free to contact Corinne about meetings in your area.......

Corinne and Larry Silverman
New Covenant Grace Fellowship
PO Box 542
Hernando, FL 34441

cell phones:  Corinne 616.706.1106  & Larry 616.291.9568


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